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"Behold I Tell You a Mystery!" (Studying Biblical Difficulties)

Sherlock Holmes remarked that "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, MUST be the truth!" Using this sound "exegetical" advice, we will explore many deep mysteries and search for Biblical answers and hidden truths. Various topics include: UFO's and Extra-terrestrials; Creation vs. Evolution; the Rapture of the Church; the Doctrine of the Trinity; the "Gospel in the Stars," The Lost Ark of the Covenant; Mary Magdalene and The DaVinci "Hoax;" and even a discussion of the great philosophical question...WHY does man exist?

Course Type: Apologetics, Bible Studies


"Looking Through Jewish Eyes" (Amplified Bible Study)

This class examines the New Testament through "Jewish eyes," and in the process attempts to amplify the student's understanding of the Biblical narrative. God alone is the "author" of Scripture, yet each New Testament "writer" conveyed the inspired message by using their first century Jewish frame of reference. Come see Scripture in a unique and exciting way that is often lost on 21st century gentile Christians.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, Bible Studies


In the Footsteps of Jesus (Personal Reflections on the Holy Land)

In this series we will visit the Biblical sites in the earthly life and ministry of the Lord Jesus. Having traveled to Israel, Palestine and Egypt, the instructor will offer personal insight as well as historical anecdotes, as we walk in the footsteps of the Messiah.

Course Type: Bible Studies


Studies of Various Books of the Bible

Surveys, courses and expositions of selected Bible books as requested, with an emphasis on a historical, geographical, cultural and Jewish religious perspective.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, Bible Studies


Studying the Prophetic Scriptures: Linking Past, Present and Future

Please join us for a discussion of the great "End Times" prophecies found in Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, and in the Lord's Olivet Discourse" of Matthew 24. The speaker contends that we should attempt to read Scripture through ancient "Jewish eyes" in order to better amplify our Biblical understanding in the 21st century. Discover the amazing linkage and consistency between the Old and New Testament prophecies concerning the "Last Days"...possible only because it is God's inspired Word.

Course Type: Bible Studies, Prophecy


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After years of research and writing, Bill is finishing his first book!  Based on the courses he's developed to teach Biblical truths, this book will be an incredible resource in your Christian life.  Sign up and receive updates on the final publish date and learn how to order your own copy.

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