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Studying the Prophetic Scriptures: Linking Past, Present and Future

Please join us for a discussion of the great "End Times" prophecies found in Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, and in the Lord's Olivet Discourse" of Matthew 24. The speaker contends that we should attempt to read Scripture through ancient "Jewish eyes" in order to better amplify our Biblical understanding in the 21st century. Discover the amazing linkage and consistency between the Old and New Testament prophecies concerning the "Last Days"...possible only because it is God's inspired Word.

Course Type: Bible Studies, Prophecy


The End Times: A Study of Bible Prophecy

Not just a study of Revelation, this class examines prophetic "end-times" passages in all sixty-six books of the Bible, as well as in other historical and religious writings. Conservative, Dispensational, and Pre-Millennial in content, this class will also look at contemporary trends and current events to help ascertain whether these are possibly the "last days."

Course Type: Bible Studies, Prophecy


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