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Bill Marris has been my personal friend for a dozen years and an admired, winsome, humble, and delightedly dynamic communicator of God's Word. In my book, he is unique among speakers. You will instantly sense his passion for Christ, his devotion to the authority of Scripture, his love for the Church, and his impressive grasp of ancient biblical knowledge. Not to mention historical facts, global events, and contemporary affairs. A consummate historian and avid reader, he is (surprise!) not anywhere in the league of scholarly speakers who will put you to sleep. On the contrary, I have watched audience after audience usually riveted and very intrigued by his presentations. With a deep and ardent admiration for modern day Israel and for Jewish people everywhere, Bill brings a dispensationalist commitment to the Bible and invites his audiences to see prophetic Scripture through that theological lens. Above all, he loves my Lord Jesus Christ. I have been blessed by his friendship and example of Christian character.

Mike Coss


Summit Harvest Church, Concord, WI

William Marris is a giant in the world of friendship and ministry. I have held Bill as a very close friend for over 20 years. His intellect is like a gourmet meal. One never gets tired of hearing about the things he has to say. At a Westbrook Church seminar/class on the Second Coming, Bill held the packed room in full attention as his comical and well researched studies left us with no other option. I can fully recommend, in fact I can say, it is a blessing for any church to use the services of Bill to expound the Word of God or teach the many things he has studied and learned over the years.

We have in our midst, a professor emeritus, of both history and Christianity. All of this flavored with a full understanding of the business world which Bill conquered many years ago. A man with a full understanding of his gifts and how to use them to God's Glory. He also is a very fun guy!

Dr. Chuck Hajinian

Bill Marris' love for God, for people, and for knowledge makes him an exceptional teacher, uniquely qualified to communicate the truth of God's Word. Invite him once...your people will plead to invite him again!

Dr. Noah Palmer

Lead Pastor

Oakwood Church, Hartland, WI

Bill Marris makes biblical history come alive with his passion and knowledge.

Dr. Jerry Zelm

Teaching and learning from the Bible should never be boring! Bill Marris will awaken your eyes, your heart and your spirit to the awesomeness of our God as he opens the Scriptures with great passion, keen historic and current insights, real life experiences and application for our lives.

Ron Lasky

Community Care Pastor

Fox River Christian Church

Like Jeremiah of old, the Word of God is a fire within his bones which enables Bill to present the Word of God with contagious enthusiasm. His teaching provides new insights into the Scriptures and creates within the student a thirst for more.

Roger Ellis

Pastor of Adult Ministries

Oakwood Church, Hartland, WI

I have known Bill Marris for over 15 years and have always known him to be someone who can bring the Christian faith ALIVE in the hearts of both the young and the old.  As a youth pastor, I brought a group right to his very home to learn from him about End Times Prophecy. The teens all came back ignited with a passion to learn more about not only that topic, but their entire faith. Bill has been one of the great teachers in my life when it comes to Church and Jewish History as well as End Times Prophecy. I was even blessed to be able to travel with him to Israel and see him piecing so much together about his faith and what he was seeing before him. In addition to his educated mind, I also believe in the values and vision of this ministry with it's truly KINGDOM MINDSET to helping believers everywhere to learn more about their faith and be excited about their relationship with Christ.

Hans Gochenaur

Campus Life Director (Youth for Christ)

Beaver Dam, WI

The first time we heard Bill Marris teach was about 7 years ago. He attended our Bible study group in an evening of teaching about a Seder dinner. His passion and detail to each part of explaining the prophetic imagery to a well practiced Jewish feast brought new life to the understanding of this Old Testament celebration. In the ensuing years we have asked Bill to present various teaching through Jewish eyes. The result is always exciting, enlightening and fosters an increased love of Scripture. Bill does so much more than teach. He energizes ones spiritual senses and stale tradition blossoms into vibrant belief as the truth of Scripture is revealed.

Dwayne & Rita Hanon

Broom Tree Ministries

I have had Bill Marris teach some of my classes to bring historic and cultural perspective. He has brought a clarity and realism that has impacted every class he has taught. I would whole heartedly recommend using his God given gifts.

Jody Riethmiller

Dean of Students

New Tribes Bible Institute

Circuit Rider Ministries is one of a kind. CRM gives us insight into the teachings of Jesus, and an understanding of the Bible. An interactive teaching approach is exactly what you need to learn about Jesus and understand the teachings of the Bible.  You get quality leadership and presentation from one of the finest instructors who is also personable, experienced and makes the learning experience meaningful.

William B. Thiel D.Ed.

Retired University Professor and School Administrator


Bill Marris has conducted classes, sermons, seminars or "small group" sessions at, or for members, of the following churches, schools and organizations:

"Women2Day" InWord Ladies Bible Study / Elmbrook Church

2008 No Regrets Conference

2009 No Regrets Conference

2009 Spring Expo / Elmbrook Church

2010 No Regrets Conference

2011 Elmbrook Church "Inspire-U"

Angels Grace Hospice

Arizona Hills Community Church - Anthem, AZ

Atonement Lutheran Church - Muskego

Berkshire Retirement Community

Birchwood Highlands

Brookfield East High School S.O.A.R. (Students on Another Road")

Brooklife Church

Broom Tree Ministries

Campus Crusade For Christ

Cedarly Ministries

Christian Stewardship Foundation

Country Christian School

Cross Point Church

Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church

Divine Redeemer Lutheran School

Eastbrook Church

Elmbrook Church

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - WI

First Baptist Church Waukesha

Fox River Church

Grace Community Church

Harvest Evangelical Free Church

Hugh O'Brien Youth (HOBY)

InterVarsity: University of WI Platteville

Kirkland Crossings Retirement Community

Lake Country Bible Church

Lake Country Landing

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

Mt. Olivet Huron, SD

New Tribes Bible Institute

Oakwood Church

Oconomowoc Historical Society

Pewaukee Historical Society


Shepherd's College

Spring Creek Church

St. Michael's Anglican Church

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Summit Harvest Fellowship

The Teaching Place

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

University of Wisconsin - Waukesha

Westbrook Church

Youth for Christ College

Zion Episcopal Church

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After years of research and writing, Bill is finishing his first book!  Based on the courses he's developed to teach Biblical truths, this book will be an incredible resource in your Christian life.  Sign up and receive updates on the final publish date and learn how to order your own copy.

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