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The following is a partial list of speaking topics for your consideration...
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Christ in Judaism (The Hebraic Roots of Christianity)

Discover how the Lord Jesus is epitomized in virtually every facet of Biblical Judaism, and that by examining Scripture through "Jewish eyes," the study of the Bible can come alive like never before! We will consider Jewish religious observances, holidays, customs, and traditions finding that everything ultimately points to Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah.

Course Type: History


The End Times: A Study of Bible Prophecy

Not just a study of Revelation, this class examines prophetic "end-times" passages in all sixty-six books of the Bible, as well as in other historical and religious writings. Conservative, Dispensational, and Pre-Millennial in content, this class will also look at contemporary trends and current events to help ascertain whether these are possibly the "last days."

Course Type: Bible Studies, Prophecy


Christian Apologetics: The Case for the Historic Christ

History is HIS-Story! No credible historian, regardless of personal religious belief, attempts to dismiss Jesus as a mere "legend" or denies the fact that he actually lived. What then of his claims? Join us for a detailed examination of the historic evidence for Jesus that includes ancient extra-Biblical sources, contemporary witnesses, and recent archaeological discoveries. The great Christian apologist, C.S. Lewis posited that the historic Jesus must be either the World's greatest "Liar, Lunatic or Lord!" No other option is possible. The class concludes by asking the greatest question for mankind...Who do YOU say that He is?

Course Type: Apologetics, History


The Faith of the Founding Fathers

Learn American History the way it used to be taught! Discover the beliefs and ideals of America's "Founding Fathers" from their own written words, public speeches and personal testimonies. Examine the hard evidence and decide whether "Separation of Church and State" was the original intent of the framers of the Constitution? Reaffirm that America always has been "one nation under God!"

Course Type: History


"Behold I Tell You a Mystery!" (Studying Biblical Difficulties)

Sherlock Holmes remarked that "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, MUST be the truth!" Using this sound "exegetical" advice, we will explore many deep mysteries and search for Biblical answers and hidden truths. Various topics include: UFO's and Extra-terrestrials; Creation vs. Evolution; the Rapture of the Church; the Doctrine of the Trinity; the "Gospel in the Stars," The Lost Ark of the Covenant; Mary Magdalene and The DaVinci "Hoax;" and even a discussion of the great philosophical question...WHY does man exist?

Course Type: Apologetics, Bible Studies


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