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"Behold I Tell You a Mystery!" (Studying Biblical Difficulties)

Sherlock Holmes remarked that "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, MUST be the truth!" Using this sound "exegetical" advice, we will explore many deep mysteries and search for Biblical answers and hidden truths. Various topics include: UFO's and Extra-terrestrials; Creation vs. Evolution; the Rapture of the Church; the Doctrine of the Trinity; the "Gospel in the Stars," The Lost Ark of the Covenant; Mary Magdalene and The DaVinci "Hoax;" and even a discussion of the great philosophical question...WHY does man exist?

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After years of research and writing, Bill is finishing his first book!  Based on the courses he's developed to teach Biblical truths, this book will be an incredible resource in your Christian life.  Sign up and receive updates on the final publish date and learn how to order your own copy.

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