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The End Times: A Study of Bible Prophecy

Not just a study of Revelation, this class examines prophetic "end-times" passages in all sixty-six books of the Bible, as well as in other historical and religious writings. Conservative, Dispensational, and Pre-Millennial in content, this class will also look at contemporary trends and current events to help ascertain whether these are possibly the "last days."

Course Type: Bible Studies, Prophecy


The Exodus: A Historical Examination

In regards to the Exodus and the story of The Ten Commandments, it is quite possible that more living Americans have seen the film than have read the Book! This series will attempt to separate Biblical truth from Hollywood's well-known portrayal, and to reexamine the historical, archaeological and Biblical record for fresh understanding of this epic story.

Course Type: Bible Studies, History


The Gospel of John (Through "Jewish Eyes")

This class will reexamine the well-loved fourth Gospel and seek to amplify our understanding of the inspired writing by look through "Jewish eyes". John the Evangelist was a first century Galilean fisherman who conveyed God's inspired Word through his Jewish frame of reference. Time and again, well-known stories and familiar passages will be greatly enhanced and often clarified by applying an understanding of early Jewish customs, traditions and religious observances.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, Bible Studies


The Resurrection Story: Harmonizing the Four Gospel Accounts

Perhaps no passage of Scripture has been more hotly debated than the story of Christ's death and resurrection. Scholars and skeptics alike point to numerous seeming disparities and contradictions that appear in the four Gospel accounts, in order to challenge the inerrancy of the Bible. To a believer, it is a question of faith and accepted truth. Yet to tell an unbeliver,"...the Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it!" is less than a convincing argument. This class will attempt to harmonize and plausibly explain the resurrection narratives and to forcefully illustrate that the Biblical account is wholly without error.

Course Type: Apologetics, Bible Studies


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