To Proclaim Christ to the Ends of the Earth



Christ in Judaism (The Hebraic Roots of Christianity)

Discover how the Lord Jesus is epitomized in virtually every facet of Biblical Judaism, and that by examining Scripture through "Jewish eyes," the study of the Bible can come alive like never before! We will consider Jewish religious observances, holidays, customs, and traditions finding that everything ultimately points to Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah.

Course Type: History


Christian Apologetics: The Case for the Historic Christ

History is HIS-Story! No credible historian, regardless of personal religious belief, attempts to dismiss Jesus as a mere "legend" or denies the fact that he actually lived. What then of his claims? Join us for a detailed examination of the historic evidence for Jesus that includes ancient extra-Biblical sources, contemporary witnesses, and recent archaeological discoveries. The great Christian apologist, C.S. Lewis posited that the historic Jesus must be either the World's greatest "Liar, Lunatic or Lord!" No other option is possible. The class concludes by asking the greatest question for mankind...Who do YOU say that He is?

Course Type: Apologetics, History


In the Footsteps of Paul (Personal Reflections on Biblical Mediterranean Sites)

Having visited numerous "Pauline" sites in Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, the instructor will use personal geographical references to supplement the Biblical and historical record of the Apostle's three missionary journeys. Walk with Paul on the road to Damascus; visit the apostolic council in Jerusalem; stand and hear his oral defense in the amphitheatres of Caesarea and Ephesus; sail with him to Rhodes; disembark in southern Italy; and witness his imprisonment and eventual martyrdom in Rome's Mamertine Prison. Let the Holy Word of God and your imagination combine to transport you back to the birth of the Christian Church.

Course Type: Apologetics, History


The "Real" Story of Christmas: Re-Examining the Nativity from the Biblical, Historical & Jewish Cultural Perspective

Each Christmas Season Americans are inundated with images of the "Traditional" Nativity story. In films, plays, pictures, music, and art, the manger scene is replayed countless times. Family Nativity sets and Christmas greeting cards portray familiar images of shepherds, wise men and the infant Jesus (often curiously depicted as a smiling, blond, blue-eyed toddler!) Amazingly, much of our "Hallmark Card" imagery, though sweetly beautiful, is never found in the actual Gospel narratives. This class will glean the facts from the fancy and attempt to present the Christmas story from a strict Biblical, historical and first-century Jewish cultural perspective. We promise that the final result will remain just as beautiful.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, History


The Exodus: A Historical Examination

In regards to the Exodus and the story of The Ten Commandments, it is quite possible that more living Americans have seen the film than have read the Book! This series will attempt to separate Biblical truth from Hollywood's well-known portrayal, and to reexamine the historical, archaeological and Biblical record for fresh understanding of this epic story.

Course Type: Bible Studies, History


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