To Proclaim Christ to the Ends of the Earth



The Faith of the Founding Fathers

Learn American History the way it used to be taught! Discover the beliefs and ideals of America's "Founding Fathers" from their own written words, public speeches and personal testimonies. Examine the hard evidence and decide whether "Separation of Church and State" was the original intent of the framers of the Constitution? Reaffirm that America always has been "one nation under God!"

Course Type: History


The Lives of the Apostles

This seminar is a Biblical, historical and traditional, biographical study of the Apostles and other early Christian leaders. Not just focusing on their individual life-stories, we will also discuss each person's lasting impact on the Christian Church. Join us as we walk in their footsteps, learn of their contemporary world, and feel their passion for our Lord Jesus.

Course Type: History


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After years of research and writing, Bill is finishing his first book!  Based on the courses he's developed to teach Biblical truths, this book will be an incredible resource in your Christian life.  Sign up and receive updates on the final publish date and learn how to order your own copy.

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