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"Looking Through Jewish Eyes" (Amplified Bible Study)

This class examines the New Testament through "Jewish eyes," and in the process attempts to amplify the student's understanding of the Biblical narrative. God alone is the "author" of Scripture, yet each New Testament "writer" conveyed the inspired message by using their first century Jewish frame of reference. Come see Scripture in a unique and exciting way that is often lost on 21st century gentile Christians.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, Bible Studies


The Lives of the Apostles

This seminar is a Biblical, historical and traditional, biographical study of the Apostles and other early Christian leaders. Not just focusing on their individual life-stories, we will also discuss each person's lasting impact on the Christian Church. Join us as we walk in their footsteps, learn of their contemporary world, and feel their passion for our Lord Jesus.

Course Type: History


In the Footsteps of Jesus (Personal Reflections on the Holy Land)

In this series we will visit the Biblical sites in the earthly life and ministry of the Lord Jesus. Having traveled to Israel, Palestine and Egypt, the instructor will offer personal insight as well as historical anecdotes, as we walk in the footsteps of the Messiah.

Course Type: Bible Studies


In the Footsteps of Paul (Personal Reflections on Biblical Mediterranean Sites)

Having visited numerous "Pauline" sites in Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, the instructor will use personal geographical references to supplement the Biblical and historical record of the Apostle's three missionary journeys. Walk with Paul on the road to Damascus; visit the apostolic council in Jerusalem; stand and hear his oral defense in the amphitheatres of Caesarea and Ephesus; sail with him to Rhodes; disembark in southern Italy; and witness his imprisonment and eventual martyrdom in Rome's Mamertine Prison. Let the Holy Word of God and your imagination combine to transport you back to the birth of the Christian Church.

Course Type: Apologetics, History


The Exodus: A Historical Examination

In regards to the Exodus and the story of The Ten Commandments, it is quite possible that more living Americans have seen the film than have read the Book! This series will attempt to separate Biblical truth from Hollywood's well-known portrayal, and to reexamine the historical, archaeological and Biblical record for fresh understanding of this epic story.

Course Type: Bible Studies, History


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