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The Gospel of John (Through "Jewish Eyes")

This class will reexamine the well-loved fourth Gospel and seek to amplify our understanding of the inspired writing by look through "Jewish eyes". John the Evangelist was a first century Galilean fisherman who conveyed God's inspired Word through his Jewish frame of reference. Time and again, well-known stories and familiar passages will be greatly enhanced and often clarified by applying an understanding of early Jewish customs, traditions and religious observances.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, Bible Studies


Jesus Christ: The Lion and the Lamb (Leviticus 23)

This class will attempt to examine the Lord Jesus through "Jewish Eyes" and in the process help to amplify the student's understanding of the Gospel narrative like never before. Discover how Yeshua Ha Mashiac/Jesus the Messiah is epitomized in every facet of Biblical Judaism, and in the ancient sacrificial system. We will consider Jewish history, religious observances, holidays, customs, and traditions finding that everything ultimately points to Christ Jesus as the "The Lion of Judah, " and "The Lamb of God."

Course Type: Apologetics, Through Jewish Eyes


The "Real" Story of Christmas: Re-Examining the Nativity from the Biblical, Historical & Jewish Cultural Perspective

Each Christmas Season Americans are inundated with images of the "Traditional" Nativity story. In films, plays, pictures, music, and art, the manger scene is replayed countless times. Family Nativity sets and Christmas greeting cards portray familiar images of shepherds, wise men and the infant Jesus (often curiously depicted as a smiling, blond, blue-eyed toddler!) Amazingly, much of our "Hallmark Card" imagery, though sweetly beautiful, is never found in the actual Gospel narratives. This class will glean the facts from the fancy and attempt to present the Christmas story from a strict Biblical, historical and first-century Jewish cultural perspective. We promise that the final result will remain just as beautiful.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, History


The Resurrection Story: Harmonizing the Four Gospel Accounts

Perhaps no passage of Scripture has been more hotly debated than the story of Christ's death and resurrection. Scholars and skeptics alike point to numerous seeming disparities and contradictions that appear in the four Gospel accounts, in order to challenge the inerrancy of the Bible. To a believer, it is a question of faith and accepted truth. Yet to tell an unbeliver,"...the Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it!" is less than a convincing argument. This class will attempt to harmonize and plausibly explain the resurrection narratives and to forcefully illustrate that the Biblical account is wholly without error.

Course Type: Apologetics, Bible Studies


Studies of Various Books of the Bible

Surveys, courses and expositions of selected Bible books as requested, with an emphasis on a historical, geographical, cultural and Jewish religious perspective.

Course Type: Through Jewish Eyes, Bible Studies


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